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ctcp Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

  :Author: Henning Hasemann <hhasemann [at] web [dot] de>
  :Updated: Daga <daga [at] daga [dot] dyndns [dot] org>

  :What it does:
    With this script you can configure weechat
    to give custom responses to CTCP-Requests.

    Load this file somehow.
    You can configure replies to CTCP-requests
    with the /set_ctcp - command. (examples below)

  Released under GPL license.
  Hope you enjoy it :-)
    -- Henning aka asmanian


def get_answers
def on_msg
def set
def set_answer
def show_syntax


string history
string short_syntax = """[REQUEST ANSWER]"""
string syntax
string version = "0.8"

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