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string ctcp::syntax

Initial value:

"""  Examples:

      show settings for common CTCP-Requests.
      where "OFF" means "use weechat default behaviour.

    /set_ctcp VERSION I prefer using weechat $version
      Reply with a fancy message.
      $version is substituted with weechats version.
      Other variables are: $away, $nick and $server.
      (If you find something else that could make sense
       here, let me know!)

    /set_ctcp HOW_ARE_YOU Good.
      Set answer to a rather unusual CTCP-request.
    /set_ctcp VERSION OFF
      Disable special behavior when CTCP VERSION comes in.
      atm this leaves an entry in plugins.rc which
      can be safely removed.

Definition at line 42 of file ctcp.py.

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