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mpdnp Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

:Author: Henning Hasemann <hhasemann [at] web [dot] de>

:What it does:
  This plugin lets you inform all users in the current
  channel about the song which music-player-daemon (MPD)
  is currently playing.

  /mpdnp - Display file mpd is playing to current channel.

:Configuration Variables:
  ============= ==========================================
  Variable name Meaning
  ============= ==========================================
  host          The host where your mpd runs
  port          The port to connect to mpd (usually 6600)
  format        How this script should display
                whats going on.
                You may use the following variables here:
                $artist, $title_or_file,
                $length_min, $length_sec, $pct,
                $pos_min, $pos_sec

Released under GPL licence.


def dbgnp
def np
def subst


dictionary default
string default_fmt = "/me 's MPD plays: $artist - $title_or_file ($length_min:$length_sec)"
tuple findvar = re.compile(r'[^\\]\$([a-z_]+)(\b|[^a-z_])')
string todo

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