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todo Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

  :Author: Henning Hasemann <hhasemann [at] web [dot] de>

  :What it does:
    This script listens for messages beginning
    with a special token and appends these messages
    to a file.
    This way people can post you short assignments which
    you cant forget and dont have to look up in your look.
    (try appending "cat /path/to/mytodofile" at your .bashrc)

    - Load this file
    - Make sure to set suitable configuration values.
token: The piece of text that signals a TODO
file: The file where the TODOs should be appended
allowed_sources: A space-seperated list of nicknames
  which are allowed to send TODOs to you.
    - Whenever any allowed person sends a message beginning
with your desired token, the rest of that message is
append to the desired TODO-file.

  Released under GPL licence.


def on_msg
def source_allowed


string __version__ = "0.1"
dictionary default

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